Placing Community Ads

First Steps 

Using Bitfari, you can book a national outdoor campaign in less than ten minutes.

First go to Apps, then select the Ad Scheduler. Pick a network of preselected smart screens. In this case, the user has enabled control of smart screens at his office, home, and citywide screens to run his agency’s campaigns.

Starting the Publisher

 Click on Publish an Ad, then a floating window will appear on the right side of your screen allowing you to book the ad.Give your ad a title, select a screen or network for publishing, choose the applicable dates from the calendar and proceed to the ad content.

Compose Your Ad by Giving a Link or Writing Some Text

 Ads in Bitfari could be IPFS links. These are immutable and decentralized. When a Url is provided, Bitfari takes the HTML5 content of the ad to broadcast it as it was designed.If your ad is targeted to the community, home or office and is destined to reside in a message board or indoors, just use the description box to write the copy of your ad. In additional screens, you’ll be able to assign keywords to your ad, target its distribution and send it to the blockchain for booking and auditing.

Ad Sanitization, Auditing And Booking 

Your ad will be parsed to ensure its fitness for processing, then social oracles will scan it to prevent spam, hate language, and the like. Once your ad is sanitized, a dynamic focus group will be created and you’ll receive a detailed report of the community’s feedback.Usually, the entire process takes less than ten minutes for private screens and less than two hours for a public campaign to start running.

In Conclusion 

Even if you’ve never run ads before you have nothing to fear. Bitfari makes the process simple and easy, we have multiple help sections to guide you thru the entire process. If you happen to make a mistake, removing an ad is as simple as deleting it from your calendar. In such a case, the remainder of your budget will be returned to the original account it was sent from.

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