Token Technical Details

Token Contract ID

The Fari Token contract ID is SP213KNHB5QD308TEESY1ZMX1BP8EZDPG4JWD0MEA.fari-token-mn.

Token Code

The smart contract code is


8 decimal units

100,000,000 max supply

SIP-010 Stacks 2.0 Token Standard

Github Fari Token Repository


  • 10% for the founding team – vested over 3 years
  • 5% for private investors – sold over 3 years.
  • 5% for growth campaigns, hackathons, conferences, etc  – deployed over 3 years
  • 80% will be distributed by the platform with life mining activities: screen installation, auditing, VR billboard registrations, etc.


  • Utility: physical advertising, online, AR and metaversal ads
  • Utility: discount + loyalty token
  • Utility: governance and defi
  • Wallets: Stacks wallet, Xverse wallet, DCent Wallet, and Boom wallet (upcoming)
  • DEXes:,
  • Coming soon to ALEX.btc
  • Coming soon to centralized exchanges
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