Preventing Advertiser Fraud
How Bitfari Makes Advertiser Fraud Impossible
1.  A wild marketer places an ad with an image of a dead animal just to make a point

a.     Only approved images are shown in the ads placed thru the public blockchain.

b.     Images used for public ads are generally stock images licensed by the foundation or provided by artists through donations. These images have been approved by the 51% consensus of the community.

2.  A kid makes a bomb threat in a public ad placed on Bitfari.

a.     The ad composing software will flag this message and won’t allow this to be posted. Since the kid is persistent, he studies how to connect to the blockchain via the command line and post an ad. However, after the ad is posted in this fashion, pre-auditors will flag his message as incendiary since it doesn’t come from a government source. The kid will lose the amount of his payment allocated to auditing, get a refund, and possibly have his account suspended.

3.  A man posts a Nazi message in a foreign language just to trick the network.

a.     Ad composing flags the ad as foreign and won’t allow posting. Pre-auditors will delete it.

b.      A trail of pre-auditors can ban the user’s account for hate speech citing the translation.

4.  The ad contains copyrighted material.

a.     A database of the copyrighted material is kept in the ad composer and is flagged accordingly.

5.  A marketer uses a catchphrase from another company in his ad.

a.     An auditor can flag the ad.

b.     The composer might catch this if the company is big.

c.     The competitor in question can sue the business owner placing the ad and eventually get compensation from the marketer.

6.  A prankster tries to upload a nonsensical ad.

a.     The pre-auditors will block it and he will lose money

7.  Someone tries to post an ad that contains code.

a.     Is banned because pre-auditors don’t understand code

8.  Someone tries to post an ad containing only a solid color.

a.     The ad will be banned because it makes the screen look broken

9.  Someone posts only a weird sign that no one understands.

a.     Flagged ads are stored in the blockchain, they will be used as a reference for future audits

b.     The ad runs until someone reports it as offensive. Then it gets decommissioned.

10.  Someone posts a copyrighted poem on the platform.

a.     Anyone can open the app, audit the ad, and flag it.

11.  My ad got posted but now people say it’s offensive.

a.     When the ad initially ran, the majority of auditors liked it, then something happened in society, perhaps a tragic event, and people are sensitive to the copy. Consider rewriting the ad.

12.  But I really want to place images on my ads.

a.     Just pay for a pre-audit and your wish will be granted!

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