Preventing Fraudulent Activities by Auditors
1.  An auditor marks a screen to be ok even though it isn’t.

a.     The number of auditors assigned is directly proportional to the foot traffic, hence multiple auditors will likely visit the location in question. If it’s a low foot traffic location the storefront will earn less than the amount in reserves for the screen.

If the storefront is in a high traffic area when a trail of auditors report the screen as broken, the screen gets decommissioned, stops earning and the auditor that wrongly claimed the screen was ok will not receive credits.

2.  An auditor always marks screens as being ok even without looking at them.

a.     The app notifies auditors that they will not be paid if more people vote against their reported choice for the screen. After losing his credits multiple times, the auditor begins paying attention.

3.  A scary-looking man in a ghost town installs a screen. Only he and his daughter live in said town. He instructs his daughter to audit the screen as ok even though it is turned off.

a.     In order to pass the audit, the daughter should turn on the screen to see the projected images and choose a matching one on her smartphone. However, since the foot traffic will be low both in the oracle reporting as well as in the app reports, the screen will be decommissioned soon, and it’s unlikely to receive any payouts. The key question here is: what kind of marketer places an ad on a ghost town?

b.     Bitfari private is the solution for these settings, users can get public service announcements, configure dashboards and apps, and have nice-looking smart TVs that show relevant information.

4.  What if there are not enough auditors in my area?

a.     Every user with the Bitfari app installed in your area is an auditor. If nobody has the app installed, store owners will not get paid. App and screen installations are the proxies by which marketers choose spots to place ads.

b.     Other parameters many advertisers can choose are screen size and placement. For this, they can see the photos taken by previous auditors.

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