Community and Agency Ads


Bitfari groups billboards in networks. The main network is for community ads, here community members come together to showcase opportunities, requests for help, discounts, new openings, open houses, and classified ads.

Within the community network, there are multiple types of screens: private screens projecting ads in-home smart TVs, private screens for apartment buildings, educational complexes, and museums. While private, these screens can benefit from ads placed by the community, agencies, and a global network of Bitfari publishers. Gyms, churches, movie theaters, homes, schools, and apartment buildings can generate extra income by displaying curated ads while at the same time enriching their living/working spaces with digital billboards that contain message boards, calendars, contact information, private announcements, and website information. These screens not only reduce paper consumption, but they offset facilities expenditures and become a new stream of income.

Private screens are not visited by auditors and instead rely on private ad curation (operators nominate a curator). Since posting ads cost money (about 25 cents or so for members and about 1 dollar per day for agencies), spammers will find no safe haven here. Community members (for the church, school, etc) have to scan a QR code containing a community key, this allows them to place ads at a discount (ads for them are billed at $0, but the 25 cents cover transaction costs).

The story with agency ads is quite different. The term “agency” does not refer specifically to a regular ad agency. In this instance, it is more of a catch-all phrase to qualify an organized publisher that wants to use the Bitfari network for commercial purposes.

Agency ads are primarily commercial and are published by sophisticated actors whose livelihoods depend on the efficacy of their contracted advertisements. Agency ads include more sophisticated ad composing, programmable ads, real-time ads integrated with bitcoin accounts, personalized ads, free datamart generated statistics, dynamic conjoint analyses (market research), product and ad surveys (via auditing), hive ad distribution (two or more screens joined together), multi-screen advertisements, animations, and so on. As you can probably tell already, agency ads are very sophisticated and will change the game for advertisers (hopefully!).

Agencies can distribute their ads on any screen that is open to commercial messaging. For example, we expect churches to block agency ads that advertise CPG products (such as Coca-Cola) but probably accept ads that create consciousness about suicide prevention. Any agency can create their own ad network using Bitfari, either by installing their own screens or by contracting digital billboards with other providers and moving them to their agency network. While agencies can opt-out of auditing, foot traffic data, and ad engagement is still tracked by Bitfari. Also, users will be in full control of the data they share, always and will not provide any additional information to agency billboards.

There are several special situations for agency ads. Political ads in particular are highly controversial and can be blocked by our users. Should an agency choose to disable user preference tracking (via disclosure matrix retrieval, etc) then operators should know full well they chose to project an ad nobody wants to see, instead of another one with the possibility of conversion. Over time, moderate agencies will win, because they will make more money for their customers.

Casino, gambling, and adult agencies should deploy screens in government-sanctioned places. Bitfari is not a product built to break the law. Screen operators are responsible for what their screens are showing. Bitfari is a peer-to-peer enabler that will make it possible for honest business operators to save money and gain a new audience.

By default, community screens block adult ads. Images are not allowed, their wording is blocked and auditors will flag adult ads. The way to show gambling/adult ads is by creating an agency network that includes a curated number of screens or billboards in private indoors or government-approved sites. We envision many screen installers/curators working in these fields in other to lower the cost of customer acquisition.

By the same token, religious ads can also be part of an agency network created specifically for Christian, Jewish or Islamic ads, for example. Consider an installation of 25 or so screens in Christian churches or synagogues, this small network can be curated in 15 minutes, deployed on Bitfary as an agency network, and start creating a community for all members right away! The operators can keep the default price, raise it or make posting free for other churches.

In conclusion, Bitfari is a network of networks with the community at its core. It is a non-judgemental medium of expression, an economical and practical distribution channel, and a powerful tool for global commerce.

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