On-chain vs Off-chain Operations

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Bitfari is a nested chain system. One chain connects screens, another connects customers and, finally, a virtual chain computes special control operations. This design allows for scalable performance, ample security and easy programmability. The separation of chains makes locating assets faster and also reduces messaging across the network.

Practically this means that screens only communicate with screens in its area, smartphones only communicate with screens and other assets in its area. Additionally, auditing, screen control and some reporting tasks are  managed in virtual chains of randomly selected participants. Placement approval, ad composition and projection, and disclosure matrix editing are all done off the chain. Auditing and screen control occur on virtualized chains, and their results are then posted on-chain.

With this architecture, we can better understand how the functional layout is applied. Screens are connected and maintain the ad space availability matrix. Customers form a network of auditors which are prompted to evaluate screens and ads on location. Finally, adhoc networks are created by selecting a random group of social oracles or nodes to interface with a screen. Given that a pure peer-to-peer connection can’t be established with a screen, the network exposes a smaller footprint of attack.

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