BITFARI Brings Life to Your Location!

A Free Supercomputer for All

Bitfari is a public supercomputer free to use for everyone on the planet. This supercomputer allows you to experience the world in fascinating ways and bring life to your location.

Bitfari will have millions of screens, both real and virtual. These screens connect to your account and tell you what you need to see at every moment without any effort on your part. For example, they show you signage and ads translated into your native language when you are walking in a foreign country – both at storefronts as well as on your phone. Bitfari can also provide highly personalized and targeted information such as shopping suggestions, interests matches, a curation of key messages from hundreds of social networks, and even a list of plates you might be allergic to in a restaurant, helping you make better decisions as you go about your day!

Faces and Places

Faces come together at places and Bitfari connects them all for a better experience. Ambient networks let you use the camera of neighboring people at the stadium to make an instant high-quality photo gallery.

Email gets a boost too. With Bitfari’s Tellfari, you can send a mail to everyone in your town. By placing a bounty attainable by raffle or participation, neighbors are incentivized to join in the conversation and provide high-quality answers. This new way of communication can bring us together and bring forth connection amongst previously unrelated people.

We Give It All Away!

As you walk, Bitfari is mining cryptocurrency for you. This is distributed weekly in the form of giveaways, bounties, and crypto payments. After setting up your account you’ll also receive dollars and bitcoins, just for joining the system. In the beginning, these payments will amount to fractions of pennies, but, as more people use the system, more people will be incentivized to join. Bitfari is a DAO or distributed autonomous organization. Unlike Facebook or Google, we don’t keep the profits. We give everything away. At its core, Bitfari is a real-life game show, where people win every day by using one of the most powerful supercomputers on the planet to improve their lives.

Bitfari was originally incubated as Tellfari, at the University of Virginia and has been developed by Jordhy Ledesma  using blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and ambient social networking technologies.

So Many Possibilities!

Probably, it will take you weeks to fully grasp what is possible to do with this technology. Don’t worry! We are still discovering the possibilities ourselves! And we learn every day how to describe Bitfari better to all constituents.

Today, I can tell you that Bitfari is the Internet of Places. A supercomputer used by millions of people at once to join in and connect for mutual betterment. A portal that brings the online world offline and a machine that filters information to make a world of clutter into a symphony of relevance.

Bring Life to Your Location. Join us at the Internet of Places. Try the open beta today at!!

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