The M2 Manifesto


At Bitfari, We Are M2 Marketers

It’s a new era in marketing. People are buying in the cloud. Your friend used big data to find out what exactly are granmas into. You desperately want the old days to come back. Nothing seems to work anymore. People are using adblockers, they have no loyalty for TV programs, branding is a comatose practice, and competition from abroad couldn’t be greater. But today, all that changes.

Today we are uncovering better marketing by going
directly into people’s minds and hearts. With their permission.

Today we are modernizing our practice merging the old with the new.
Today, we won’t stand for ballpark figures. Because we want results.

We are going local. Because we want to go big.
We are going social. Because we are leaving no one behind.
We are going mobile. To catch up with our audience.

Today, we recognize the effectiveness of personalized marketing, the incredible power of contextual messaging. We want to bring back personal service to our practices.

Our tool is peer-to-peer marketing. A razor-sharp locator that allows us to find the right product, at the right time for every customer’s frame of mind. We are going beyond psychographics and beyond demographics all the way back to personal service. It’s time to make branding personal, micro branding if you will. This product means a lot but what does it mean to me?

Let’s make thousands of humanly crafted yet computer-generated persona offers, not only to serve customers but to delight them.
Let’s recognize their individuality and, in doing so, uplift their humanity.

Because selling to consumers is our job, but serving humans is our passion. Let’s take marketing back to basics. Let’s go back to personal service. That’s how we win.

We are M2 Marketers. And this time marketing gets personal.

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