Bitfari Ambassadors

Ambassador Recruiting is now closed – Look back in December for the next batch!

Bitfari is looking for 10 ambassadors to help us with various key growth tasks. Our ambassador program is a great way to get inside the project, meet the founding team, learn more about Bitfari and earn some complimentary tokens!

 Program Basics

  1. Ambassadors will start their tasks from Dec 1, 2021.
  2. Every month, 1000 Faris will be distributed among all ambassadors.
  3. Ambassadors get free tickets to Bitfari events
  4. Ambassadors will get free Bitfari swag.
  5. Ambassadors will get to test new features first.

Main Tasks

  1. Learn the basics of Bitcoin and the Stacks Ecosystem
  2. Learn the basics of Bitfari and get familiar with the development roadmap
  3. Like, share and comment on your assigned social media channel
  4. Share daily social actions and tag admins
  5. Spend a preset amount of time in our social channels
  6. Help with translations (additional bounties apply)
  7. Create original content (additional bounties apply)
  8. Organize meetups (additional bounties apply)

Selection Process

  1. We will look at your social media profiles
  2. We will pre-select you based on native language, and location
  3. We will pick the best communicators that have applied

Fair enough? Apply here

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