Join the Bitfari Testnet

Hi Fari Fam!

First Group of Tests

Bitfari will open its test net platform this weekend so you can start testing the Neruda release! Here are the steps to join:

  1. Please email info@bitfari in order to get testnet tokens! You can also mention @bitfari on Twitter with something like “Please send me @bitfari testnet tokens”
  2. Join the Discord channel testnet where you can report any issues found during testing
  3. Learn to use the platform by checking our YouTube videos
  4. If you are new to Bitfari, please go thru the full introductory presentation
  5. After getting Stacks testnet tokens (we will send you 100) plus Faris (we will send you 1000), please head to and start testing!

Log your comments in the Discord channel, we have a bug bounty program and you can win prizes if you find any issues. Posted ads will go to the ad mempool and you can see them using our projection engine here:  Once the Parra release is out, you will see these ads in billboards and smart screens near you. How exciting is that!

Second Group of Tests

Please test the screen registration Smart contracts in Test net and Main net:

Public Screen Registration Now Open!

Final Group of Tests

Publish changes to the blockchain. Here we will test updating the blockchain with Bitfari ads.

Testing begins on Friday! Have fun!!!

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