The FARI Token

The FARI token allows users to place advertisements in the Bitfari Network. It also allows digital billboard registration, screen registration, digital land AR billboard registrations and governance activities.

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The FARI token allows users to place advertisements in the Bitfari Network. It also allows digital billboard registration, screen registration, digital land AR billboard registrations, and governance activities.

One hundred Faris can control the whole network for 30 seconds, giving your ad global exposure. Please note that, initially, Bitfari will not be available in all countries due to translation and legal compliance issues.

The FARI token is scarce, fungible, and secured by the Bitcoin network thru Stacks technology. Its supply is programmed to be deflationary every two years.

  • 100 Million Tokens Hard Cap. This can’t be changed.
  • Each token is fungible up to 8 decimal places
  • The FARI token provides a 50% discount on any fees charged by the Bitfari Network.
  • Token Issuance Rewards half every two years
  • Tokens are issued programmatically upon the completion of “life mining” tasks such as screen installation, VR billboard installation, screen auditing, ad auditing, etc. Please note that ad placement does not generate faris but consumes them.
  • FARI acquisition is done with BTC, STX, or USDC. You can also purchase Faris at any convenient DEX or centralized exchange where offered.
  • Bitfari will not conduct any large-scale ICO. We will sell a small number of tokens and do airdrops to generate awareness but the FARI token is mined (either via ad distribution or DAO task completion). If you want the tokens please install a screen and join the network or wait for an open market to form.
  • There will be no premine. Tokens are generated when the network grows. If you want tokens please help the platform grow.

The planned token allocation is as follows:

  • 10% for the founding team – vested over 3 years
  • 5% for private investors – sold over 3 years
  • 5% for growth campaigns, hackathons, conferences, etc  – deployed over 3 years
  • 80% will be distributed by the platform with life-mining activities: screen installation, auditing, VR billboard registrations, etc.

The token name will be FARI in all the exchanges regardless of language. Avoid scams!

FARI token holders receive rewards in the form of discounts, bounties, incentives, and promos at a higher rate than non-holders.

Starting at 0.00000001 Fari you can vote! Join us in the Bitfari DAO Governance section and decide the future of the platform!!


The Bitfari Network is powered by the FARI fungible token. This token is mined by network-related operations. Initially, the circulation of Faris will be very low. This circulation will increase with the network size as specified in the Bitfari life-mining algorithm. However, every two years there will be rewards halvings (very similar to Bitcoin). The complete schedule of rewards and incentives is outlined in the Bitfari Whitepaper.  While highly unlikely, the figures listed on this page might change before Bitfari reaches the Mainnet. After that, most of the figures will be permanent and only a few will be adjustable via governance motions.

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