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Screen operators are the soul of Bitfari. You could be managing a billboard, virtual or smart TV, or an external monitor and your purpose will be always the same: building community.

Bitfari can help you double your income, by holding contextual ads in addition to regular display ads, opening your ad space to a global audience, suggesting ads that pay better, and empowering you to install more screens via financing, partnerships, and new earning opportunities.

Screen operators could be managing a small screen that is helping create community at a church or apartment building. They don’t need to be big-time billboard owners. Whether you manage a small or big screen you make decisions that connect people to solutions and other members of the neighborhood. You are a community builder, and can now reach more people using the blockchain.

Operators are responsible for the ads they choose to distribute, although Bitfari will generally block spam, and flag incendiary ads. As an operator, you appreciate speed and power in the projection platform and Bitfari has you covered:

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