Supported Billboards/Screens

Billboard Types

Picasso Billboards This is an augmented reality billboard that projects onto the sky and is visible using your mobile phone, tablet, smart glasses, or smart windshield.  These are the biggest billboard sizes anywhere, and, for context, they rival the Empire State in size. Essentially, Picasso billboards are monotonal SVGs projected onto an empty area of a natural field of view. In order to create these billboards, open the AR Billboard Creator app (available with the Picasso release), and select from one of the three sizes to create a virtual rectangle onto which your SVG will be projected.

Ads will automatically appear in the customer’s explorer app and, these ads can also be contextual and programmable. Picasso billboard spaces are sold according to the size and income of the zipcodes onto which they are projected. After creating these areas, you can sell ad space as if you had a normal smart screen or billboard. Given that few users are equipped with AR glasses or smart windshields, this technology will be launched last as we deploy Bitfari. Also, the price will dynamically rise as more people use the AR capabilities of Bitfari, so act quickly! These billboards belong to the community network, meaning they are considered public space and, as such, are audited twice, can’t contain explicit text or hate speech. Given their size and prominence, these billboards are audited by hundreds of people before being certified. Setup is easy, but in order to place an ad please budget adequately for auditing (we are trying to calibrate Picasso auditing not to exceed $100 USDC).

Digital Billboards – Any billboard that can project Html or digital images. They are usually connected to a computer and rotate images. When connected to Bitfari these billboards can hold thousands of dormant contextual ads. Operators earn money on these ads even if they are not showing, as advertisers want to book one of the 10,000 available slots per screen.

When a matching customer is near, contextual ads are activated and the value of the billboard increases as it’s now projecting highly relevant ads. Digital billboards are open to a global audience, so their value naturally goes up as a bigger pool of advertisers bids for them. In our tests, operators can easily double or triple their earnings by installing Bitfari.

Note: Ads previously booked can run parallel to Bitfari. You don’t need to cancel current contracts to use Bitfari.

Geo-Fenced Billboards – Advertisers pay to distribute a contextually relevant message for a predetermined radious, The cost of the ad increases with the radius and decreases with the number of matched keywords. These ads are invisible, but highly effective if done well. Due to technical limitations, spam prevention, and scalability issues, only 100 geofences can overlap in the same area. Advertisers will have to either wait for a slot to open or reduce the size of their fences.

Smart Screens – These can be “hived” or single. A single smart screen will project ads in increments of 15 or 30 seconds and will earn 1000 times more (on average) if placed in a storefront. Ad cost in these screens depends on the area, foot traffic, size of the screen, demand, and ad type.

Contextual ads pay a small holding fee. These screens can hold up to 10,000 contextual ads and display up to 5000 ads per day. Smart screens also earn when a customer uses them for translation or as a public computer for navigation or personal purposes.

Smart screens can also be operated from a home, apartment building common areas, schools, gyms, or offices. In this case, they act as communication or entertainment centers and earn money whenever an ad is displayed on their screens. Since most of our apps are equipped with ad-showing areas this will earn customers money right from the start. Please note that only relevant ads are shown.

We also consider computers as smart screens and pay impressions in them similarly, but taking into account the size of their screens.

Web Sites – We use all of IABs approved banner sizes. Ads are always contextual and audited. Websites are also audited by real people. While cheaper, website ads are easier to set up and can help operate websites with net gains. Please notice that this solution is expected to arrive in 2022 with the Cervantes release. Also, Bitfari ads will only be initially visible with our browser (to be released in 2022 as well). This browser sends a small payment every time a link is clicked, blocking click fraud. When setting up our solution you can earn money with multiple ad solutions and earn much more with us when you get visitors using our browser. And you also avoid click fraud!!

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