Bitfari is a Marketer’s Best Friend

Marketing is hard. We get it, sometimes figuring out the market is a pain in the neck. Bitfari brings together powerful technologies to level the playing field and offer you many new tricks:

  • Automated surveys and market studies
  • Detailed foot traffic analysis by area, season, event, weather conditions, and time
  • Global performance metrics of your OOH advertising efforts
  • Micro branding of your products and services
  • Microtargeting
  • Permission-based communications
  • Detailed asset certification
  • Automatic campaign rollouts
  • Dynamic budget allocations
  • Market opportunity discovery
  • Automatic conjoint and factor analysis
  • Dynamic factor A/B testing for contextual ads
  • Programmable ads!
  • Automatic bidding and budget management
Bitfari offers more than technology. We are also a supersaver solution

  • OOH + Mobile + Web Advertising bundles
  • Free ads in unaudited screens
  • Direct and peer-to-peer campaign placement yielding the lowest prices anywhere
  • Promotions are created around your ads so people go and see them!
  • Incentives for operators to install transparent screens and other attention-grabbing setups
  • You can save up to 90% of your budget! Imagine that!
  • Automatic refunds on rejected ads
  • Free ad space for ONGs (a computerized whitelisting process is required for this)
  • 50% discount when paying with Faris (the network’s cryptocurrency)
  • Marketer + Operator run DAO. Essentially stakeholders decide the fate of the network
  • Free social media advertisement of your products and services – when ads are running in selected areas
  • Free branding in selected communications
  • Free brand, or new products surveys – must set up with local businesses but can be done online
  • Bitfari is easy to use with free training and documentation online
  • CPA packages are coming soon too!

Bitfari is a non-for-profit org. The Bitfari network is basically Bitcoin for ads. Everything is peer to peer. No intermediaries mean your ad budget goes directly to screen operators.

Since operators can hold contextual ads without showing them, and they use conventional smart screens, the network is substantially cheaper than others. You can also book conventional digital billboards and request new screens to be set up in locations that you trust.


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