Bitfari Announces Massive Domain Portfolio


Today Bitfari reveals its domain portfolio for the launch of its network of applications, ad exchanges, event, and institutional sites. The registered domains are as follows:


Advertising Network Domains: To promote ad booking using BTC and STX native tokens. Bitfari will use the following domains for branding and offer targeted advertising solutions to agencies at a global scale. The portfolio includes names for the classified ads network, agency network, cpa network, and citizen advertising. The domains are: 

  • classifieds.btc
  • advertising.btc
  • cpa.btc
  • agency.btc
  • advertise.btc

Bitfari Latino Domains: To directly target the Spanish-speaking world and Latinos residing in America. The domain portfolio for these networks is:

  • anuncios.btc
  • mercadeo.btc
  • publicidad.btc

Apps/Events Domains: This portfolio will include about 50 apps. Today we are revealing the first three: an app to avoid censorship and distribute messages as unblockable ads on our networks, a desktop ad distribution network to consume targeted apps on your desktop computer, and the friendly say.btc app to place ads from your smartphone.

  • desktop.btc
  • uncensored.btc
  • say.btc

Corporate Domains: These will redirect to and respectively

  • leslor.btc
  • bitfari.btc
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