Fari Token Now on Testnet


The FARI token has been release to Testnet for auditing: https://explorer.stacks.co/txid/ST3FYGS9F88Y5FW2DT2Q5C7FVX99Y9HREGCXH5T9D.token-v10?chain=testnet. After our assurance process is completed the token will be released to mainnet and we will start the Bitfari economy!

The FARI token will be one of the most versatile crypto assets in the space. It will allow you to buy advertising space at highly discounted rates (>50%), receive weekly rewards, shop in participating merchants, and enjoy deep discounts or VIP service. The token allows you to participate in Bitfari’s network governance process. You can vote and propose BIPs to see the network grow and prosper. Furthermore, the FARI will bring the following to the crypto community:


  • Strong, transparent, and steady intrinsic value (number of screens, websites, and viewers)
  • Exponentially growing capabilities
  • Highly fungible
  • Capped minting at 100M units enforced by code
  • Weekly rewards!
  • 20% premined to fund development, marketing, and foundation treasury
  • 80% mined to the community!
  • 5% allocated for airdrops!!
  • Only 5% allocated to investors, minimizing whales!

Technical Capabilities:

  • Integrated with the Stacks Wallet
  • Integrated with the Stacks Block Explorer
  • Make money as you walk, just for installing the wallet!
  • >50% discounts on advertising
  • Full booking of Bitfari’s ad space
  • Full booking of Bitfari’s asset registrations
  • Be first in line for airdrops, promos, and discounts

And coming soon:

  • Listing in exchanges!
  • Integration with Coingecko
  • Treasury accounting explorer
  • Swappable for BTC/STX and other crypto assets
  • Over 20 applications coming to the Bitfari network next year!!!!

More info about the FARI Token.

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