Papers on Computational Advertising

The Bitfari Foundation is a research-based organization that actively promotes the advancement of marketing and advertising with new research and tools. This list, while not a comprehensive representation of the science behind Bitfari, can give you a taste of the kind of analysis we base our design decisions on. The Bitfari network employs a number of “computational social oracles” which are computer programs derived from marketing and advertising research in order to improve sales, reduce advertising costs, prevent fraud and improve customer service. The number of social oracles is intended to grow according to the BitfariDAO governance schedule. Meaning, that as AdTech science improves, so will Bitfari.

Please refer to the following list for papers on computational advertising. The full list of papers regularly cited by the foundation will also appear in Bitfari’s Github

From Members of the Bitfari Foundation


Whitepaper References

Optimization Methods

Topic Model

Key Papers From Google

Factorization Machines


Budget Control

Tree Models

Guaranteed Contracts Ads

Classic CTR Prediction

Bidding Strategy

Computational Advertising Architect

Machine Learning Tutorials

Transfer Learning

Deep Learning CTR Prediction

Exploration and Exploitation


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