Our Team
Meet our team of builders and advisors


We work in teams not to build faster, but to build better. Inspired teamwork brings the best of us.


Jordhy Ledesma
Founder and CEO - Blockchain Dev
Luis Acevedo
CTO + Telecom Lead
Sheila Trucco
Growth Lead / Digital Marketing
Wendy Diaz
Chief of Staff + Legal Advisor

Volunteers and otherS

Our team also includes ambassadors, affiliates, contractors, interns, affiliates, partners and volunteers spread around the globe. The total number of volunteer and associates helping with Bitfari near about a hundred professionals.

Community Support

Ardent community supporters want to see our vision realized across the globe. We enlist community members as beta testers, promoters, translators and evangelists. Currently, the Bitfari community included more than 10K members.

Tulio Suazo
Front End and Design Lead
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What makes our team special is the pursuit of a vision greater than all of us. We seek to change the world and work towards doing so with passion and energy.

We believe in an open Web, accesible via multiple devices, easy to use, simple, and usable from a personal context that brings joy and enriches the life of individual users.

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