Understanding Coupon Coins

While BTC was created to provide an alternative to cash, FARI provides an alternative to coupons. As the first coupon coin, the Fari Token provides an array of features that bring flexibility and convenience to crypto.

The FARI Token is backed by discounts on ads. This means that, while its price can go down due to speculators, its value remains constant for end users. In contrast BTC’s utility changes with price fluctuations.

The coupon value of the token (the monetary value of the discount) is called ‘nominal value’. The spread between nominal and market token prices can be used to provide arbitrage opportunities and yield thru nominal pools (essentially, smart contract-operated dark pools that liquidate the token).

FARI tokenomics allow for novel uses of crypto: sending and receiving discounts via the blockchain, tokenizing zero-loss coupons, providing in-app discounts, tokenizing gift cards, and loyalty coupons, etc.

As a coupon-backed crypto commodity, the FARI Token can work as currency as well as a discount coupon while maintaining two prices. A nominal price is derived from the value provided (gathered dynamically by smart contracts) and a market price is dictated by supply and demand.

For more than a year and over 100,000 transactions, our community has been using a token of constant value, with a fluctuating market price that integrates seamlessly with legacy DEXes and centralized exchanges while bringing new functionalities to crypto commodities: real-world backing, constant value, transferable discounts, and face value.

The Fari Token does not compete against Bitcoin, it is complimentary to BTC like a coupon is complimentary to cash.

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