Preventing Mobile Ad Fraud
How Bitfari Prevents Fraud in Smart Phones

1.  A man installs bitfari in 5 smartphones hoping to get as much coin as possible

a.     We don’t do airdrops. Payments are made only for network contributions.

2.  People walk a high traffic area with multiple smartphones each in other to distort our metrics

a.     Our foot traffic metrics come from public data sources, they don’t depend on app usage or number of installs.

3.  GPS location is somehow altered to gain discount codes to use online?

a.     Bitfari’s discount codes can only be used in person

4.  A woman gives her smartphone to her boyfriend just so he can have some fun with her bitfari

a.     Modern smartphones use biometric scanners for activation. However, if the smartphone in question doesn’t the boyfriend will probably get to see ads intended for his girlfriend but is unlikely to get any freebies since we only offer ads and discounts. In a sense, this could lead to sales in the case he decides to shop for her.

5.  A global attack is coordinated on Reddit where a group of people agree to simultaneously place and approve hateful/inappropriate ads.

a.     Since auditors are chosen at random, none of those people could be picked to audit the system. Furthermore, client software prevents community ads from containing hate speech or other inappropriate words or phrases. Images are impossible to publish without belonging to a preapproved library and so on.

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