Bitfari Begins Targeted National Advertising Campaign


Bitfari has begun distributing ads for a targeted national campaing focused on bringing awareness of the platform to agencies across America. The first step in this process was directory registrations, of which Bitfari has completed over 350 (for example,

The Bitfari Foundation will place its billboard ads as close to traditional ad agencies as possible, and will also target executives via social media platform. At this point, Bitfari is selling very minimal quantities of product, mainly thru manual listings since the platform is not completed. However, we are enrolling agencies to build ad inventories without relying too much on ad exchanges. So far, Bitfari has access to 75M ads trhu exchanges, but this figure will likely be higher on release date.

The Foundation is getting these billboards for free, so we are very greatful for that. We can also disclose that we will have access to 100 billboards across America for this campaing. Let’s keep building!!

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