Testnet Continues: Smart Contracts and Load Testing


The first week of Neruda tests brought no issues with interface testing. We will now focus testers to try out smart contracts and also continue performing load tests. In this next stage of testing users will connect their Stacks wallets and register new screens to the network to recieve and immediate NFT registration that will allow their screens to join the network.

Last week, Bitfari servers were subjected to stress tests of abut 1M connections per hour. While our web servers survived the load, response time was degraded. As consequence of these tests, load balancing was deemed appropiate for any node serving millions of users. This will be implemented in our nodes in Jan 2022.

Bitfari Testing Process Explained

We test blockchain applications in stages using a process similar to agile enterprise application development. While we do have testnet, regtest and mainnet tests we also include modular tests were each layer or component of the applications is tested independently. These tests are performed in addition to unit tests. This is because Bitfari is not a monolithic application, but a suite of modules coming together to let you communicate with a large number of devices.

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