Times Square Spectacular

Asset Specs

Billboard Code: 010001-BIP1-NY-07244 Size 828 × 1260
Width: 828
Height: 1260

Supported Art Formats: JPG & PNG

Asset Description


Digital Spectacular in the exact center of Times Square, lowest level to the ground. 864,384 Average daily views
East-bound traffic
Sold in increments of 15 seconds

828 wide x 1260 high pixel ratio

Asset Bookings

Minimum Daily Budget: @19.99 USD, this gets you one impression. However we recommend a budget of 49.99 so you get approx. three shots of you and your loved ones!! Ideal for Anniversaries, Marriage Proposals, Birthdays, NFT Displays, Weddings, Promotions and other special ocassions!

With the Bitfari Native Wallet (free) you can pause and play your ads in order to get that remarkable shot for less!! 

Businesses can book the spectacular for peak hours to celebrate conferences, major hires, milestones and expansions. Book for Peak Hour Showings (Budget $799) Approx. 100 Impressions

Book Now at Bitfari.com

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