Introductory Ad Pricing

============ DRAFT PROPOSAL SUBJECT TO CHANGE ============

Bitfari is building a very large organization. Concretely, we want to create one of the largest advertising organizations in the world. We envision millions of individual contributors joining our DAO in such diverse roles as auditors, screen operators, ambassadors, developers, and obviously advertisers! To grow fast we will double the money of advertisers using the following offer.

Advertisers earn digital land coupons with each ad posted. In this fashion, Bitfari distributes virtual ad space fairly, gains advertisers and new virtual screen operators.

Example: You place ads for a cost of 10,000 Faris (about 250 USD), then you get a Club10K coupon for a value of 10,000 USD in digital land (redeemable at

A great inventory, the best commissions in the industry, free training, and the most sophisticated Adtech running on the blockchain.

If this is your cup of tea, please email [email protected] and get ready to advertise!!

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