Catamaran + Atomic Swaps


The atomic and catamaran swaps have been updated and even the Fari logo is showing! We are back with a vengeance baby! The Fari Token goes on Sale on November 19th! But you can buy it today at a discount using Getting Faris thru this process is simple but requires following a couple of instructions. Please use Chrome or Firefox to purchase your tokens.


  1. Please visit and click on the icon on your right for an atomic swap with Stacks. You will send Stacks tokens to the foundation and get back the equivalent amount in Faris.

2. Click Get Started, then select Swap STX for FT on the next page. This option is below Atomic Stacks Swaps. FT means fungible token which is the crypto asset class of the Fari token.

3. Then, log in with your Stacks Web Wallet and follow these steps carefully:



A. Type the amount of Fari tokens you want under Bitfari’s i sign.

B. Then multiply the number of Fari tokens by 0.22, this gives you the amount of STX you need to send. Type that amount of STX in the box over the Stacks sign.

C. Click Buy FARI and send your transaction including the 1% fee.

D. Mention the Bitfari Foundation on Twitter saying “I just created an STX swap to get Faris” or something like that. We appreciate it!

E. We will send your Faris immediately after confirmation + reply to you on Twitter with the block explorer link for the transaction so you can check your Faris on the way!

F. The swap will complete and you will get your Faris or your STX back if the Foundation fails to send the Faris (currently we are working Mon. thru Fri from 9AM to 9PM ET). 


Congratulations on Your Purchase!!! And Welcome to the Fari Family!!!

The Bitfari Foundation is giving early adopters a 25% discount (approx.) for believing in us and going to the trouble of using the Catamaran UI before Alex BTC goes to main net and Bitfari gets listed. 

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