Billboards.btc Network Open

Bitfari has opened its network of billboards across the US and Canada for all early adopters. The system has been tested and is working properly. In this stage, we will be taking payment only in Faris and STX for those that want to place ads on billboards across the USA and Canada. Here’s the process:

For Marketers

  1. Provide a city for your billboard
  2. Provide a budget
  3. Provide an ad file
  4. Email all these to [email protected]
  5. You can always go and check the billboards!

For Developers

  1. Register a Bitfari NFT with your billboard ad
  2. Place an autosensing ad with the billboard-auto sense smart contract, submit a budget with your transaction
  3. If you provided an email you will receive photos of the location
  4. We have a limited number of auditors. If we have auditors in your areas you will receive live photos, videos of the billboards.
  5. You can always go and check the billboards!

Autosensing ads will rotate automatically across a set of billboards in your area depending on the content, budget, and schedule of your campaign.  You can also check our catalog and choose a specific set of billboards!

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