The Bitfari Affiliate Program

============ DRAFT PROPOSAL SUBJECT TO CHANGE ============

Bitfari is building a very large organization. Concretely, we want to create one of the largest advertising organizations in the world. We envision millions of individual contributors joining our DAO in such diverse roles as auditors, screen operators, ambassadors, developers, and obviously advertisers! But for us to grow as massively as we want we need a new role: the affiliate.

Affiliates are primarily salespeople who introduce potential customers to Bitfari. They are key in the sense that they can humanize messaging, put figures into context and personalize pitch delivery. Today we announce our intention to open one million spots for affiliates worldwide (or about 5,000 spots per country).

Affiliates get an NFT badge that allows them to offer even better incentives to potential customers. This NFT gives affiliates the biggest commissions in the advertising industry anywhere: the deal starts at 200% percent of Bitfari’s profits on each purchase thru a whole year for each deal. A landmark deal never seen in the advertising industry before.

The deal works this way: affiliates earn commisions plus a portion of digital billboards that actually double their sales. In this fashion,Bitfari distributes virtual ad space fairly, gains new screen operators plus affiliates get to transition into virtual billboard operators when their commissions run out. We expect this program to be the most lucrative option for ad sales affiliates anywhere in the planet. Payments start at 90% commision of sales in crypto + 110% of their sales volume in digital land (virtual billboards).

This 90% commission rate decreases each month (90%, 85%, 80%…20%, 10%, 5%) until the affiliate stops earning commissions on the first deal. Conversely, the percentage in virtual billboards increases every month until the split becomes 5% crypto/ 195% digital land. After a full year passes, affiliates will keep earning money on the ads places on the virtual billboards they have earned. We expect this deal to appeal to agencies, designers and sales people in all countries.

Bitfari will reward affiliates with two commission payments every period: one in crypto that can be spent freely and one in Faris to be spent in any digital billboards you want to purchase! It’s that simple!

Going forwards, the DAO will revise these incentives to account for avilable number of virtual billboards, TVL and affilliate distribution across countries.

Affiliates will be identified with an NFT and will have access to a specialized portal. We will also provide them with free training and support. In some markets we will also provide a list of potential customers!

A great inventory, the best commissions in the industry, free training, and the most sophisticated Adtech running on the blockchain.

If this is your cup of tea, please email [email protected] and get ready to sell!!

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