Ready for NAKAMOTO

Bitfari is ready for the Stacks Nakamoto Upgrade. We are working very hard to bring new features and updates to the ecosystem to support Nakamoto. Some of the key tasks executed include:

  • All code compatible with Nakamoto
  • Upcoming swaps between Fari and sBTC
  • Upcoming, place ads with sBTC
  • Fari Token integration with Leather Wallet
  • Fari Token Bridges to bring users from other platforms
  • Listings on key directories, Stacks Foundation app and token listings
  • 20X more ambassadors plus new partners such as BTC Startup Lab, Mina Foundation and Fida Finance
  • Digital Land grows 100X in anticipation of Nakamoto. Previous collection sold out! Unique Images and world-wide locations coming soon!
  • Fari Wallet with decentralized screen network now in testnet
  • Digital land Ad Framework almost ready for mainnet
  • Now more than ever, amazing threads and articles discussing Bitfari so people can find us faster!
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