Social Connector Goes to Mainnet

Bitfari starts the migration of the Social Connector to Mainnet.

The social connector is Bitfari’s Hub for Ads, Communication and Connection. It’s actually a location-based communication system that broadcasts ads and other messages in new and interesting ways:

– Bitfari ads are cheaper than any other
– Bitfari ads are audited by a network of DAO members
– Bitfari offers better targeting than any other ad network
– Ads can be displayed in both real and virtual screens of any size
–  Plus the platform is built to support any number of networks or sets of rules + collection of screens.

Here’s how we will proceed: The housing for the social connector will be migrated to Mainnet today. This includes the design, basic modules, account integration, Stacks connector, etc.

Every week a new application will be deployed to mainnet. After passing audits, the Focus app, Tellfari, Instafriend, the ad booker, and the like will be deployed to mainnet.

As networks get released, we will document them and educate the community about prices, use and benefits. We expect to ship one or two networks every week.

This process will continue all through August and September. Before deployment of each app they will be checked on testnet.

Plus ad booking and payments to digital land owners will begin in a couple of weeks, but will be deployed to testnet this week!!!

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