Bitfari Launch Event 2.22


The Bitfari Foundation announces the first Launch Event for February 22. The event will be accessible online for free while VIP passes are for sale at 100 Faris. This massive event will kick start the launch of the Bitfari 1 Blockchain (smart billboards) and it features code from the Neruda and Parra releases. Additional code will go into the test net and this will be launched in a second event in May. Finally, online ads go live in August at the Cervantes event.

The “Let There Be Rock” event will feature cameos and commentary from ten celebrities coming from Silicon Valley, Music, Medicine, Sports, Social Media, TV, and Politics. Instead of giving endorsements, influencers and celebrities will appear as award presenters and commentators, they will bring fun, context, and charisma to an already powerful event. This event will be epic!

With 10 celebrities, 100 announcements 15 app and website launches, full 2021 recap, VIP section, BTS, and prizes, this will be one of the biggest launch events in the Stacks ecosystem. Production details include more than 150 clips and animations, AI presenters, clips from members of the Bitfari Foundation, three TV spots, and much more. The event will feature cameos from Steve Wozniak, Sarah Palin, Dr. Drew, Kenny G, Jason Giambi, Anita Vogel, Sara Hall, LA Beast, Andrea Celeste, KreekCraft, and BlonfieWondie.

More details will be announced this week!! Tickets go on sale Friday – we have a limited number of VIP spots! See you on 2.22!!
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