Ad Transducers, Tesseract OCR and Narrations


When you place a text ad on Adsense it gets displayed on a variety of formats and colors, this is achieved by changing text formats possibly using XSL. Bitfari goes a step further and introduces something we like to call “transducers”.

In electric engineering, a transducer is a device that changes the energy from one type to another. In Bitfari, ad transducers take an ad and change into many additional ads of a different type were it could yield higher results. Examples include:

  • Automatically translating an ad to Spanish in a neighborhood of a high Latino density
  • Automatically formating a vertical ad for an horizontal billboard where the bid price is lower (Achieved using responsive html or premade ads for both orientations)
  • Changing text to speech and broadcasting the ad as audio
  • OCR Scanning of a Korean ad, then automatic translation into English served to a page about K-pop viewed from America
  • And so on!

Transducers allow a single ad on Bitfari to reach a wider audience, get the lowest bid prices possible and bring the most relevant customers to your business at no extra price. It also allows Bitfari to 100X its ad inventory because, for consenting customers, ads can be served in a variety of mediums and budgets can be streched beyond what was previously possible.

Technically speaking, transducers are a special kind of social oracle, a series of computer programs (usually written in Java), that take content and make it into something else. This is done at no extra charge for the customer and provides great flexibility. Consider an image to speech transducer:

  • You upload a JPG image ad to Bitfari and opt in to transducers
  • Our Tesseract OCR social oracle scans the image and translates it to text
  • Then a text-to-speech program records an audio file from your ad text
  • Your ad is read to blind or visually impared citizens or possibly translated into Spanish and read in such format
  • Either way, you have increase your ad’s reach at no extra cost while targeting members of the very community you wish to sell to

We are in the process of shipping about 100 transducers! Expect all of them to be shipped with the Cervantes release.


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