How Does the Fari Economy Work?


In this video, we talk about the value of the Fari economy. Discussing primarily where the intrinsic value of the token comes from and why the Fari economy is already worth millions. Bitfari aggregates savings obtained thru billboard space purchases in bulk, registration fees, and others, effectively creating an entire economy that flows back to token holders every month.

While the platform does not overcharge for ads, it gets ad space at a significant discount that the DAO can use to give its token intrinsic value. Savings obtained by purchasing billboard space in bulk, using free ad space in native wallets and apps, or charging registration fees for AR billboards, plus commissions and other listing fees are consolidated and distributed to other Fari holders to effectively create a human-audited ad economy.

Discounts and offers prepared by store managers to entice customers to pay with Fari or other cryptos are passed thru to customers for even more gains! According to Juniper Research, the digital coupon economy is expected to exceed 90 billion dollars in 2022. Assuming Bitfari achieves critical mass, it is well-positioned to capture a significant share of these savings plus billions from the physical ad economy.


About Bitfari


Bitfari provides multiple channels of communication for private, governmental, and corporate actors. They can all now enjoy a global inventory of ad space that is priced, monitored, and regulated by the blockchain. The networks running in Bitfari allow for direct ad pricing and placement (Direct Networks), community regulated ad pricing and payment (Community Networks), and agency/corporate regulated networks (Agency networks).

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