Public Screen Registration Now Open!

Bitfari - Exhibit 1

In order to join the Network you have to register your screen. The UI to do so is on test net, but the smart contract for screen registration has already moved to main net!

Every screen registration generates a yielding NFT that allows you to generate income for showing ads in your area. To avoid spam, illegal projections, and network congestion, every screen is registered and assigned relevant metadata that includes GPS location, name, address, etc.

Screens are Scarce

Screen registrations are initially limited to one million per area to avoid network congestion. The initial Bitfari release limits public screen registration to ten billion. While this sounds like a lot, it’s actually not, because we will also accommodate devices like smartphones and tablets, of which there are billions in use already. Screens coming from private networks are tokenized and whitelisted automatically and not subject to these limits.

In 2022, Bitfari will release its “App Coin Roadmap”, our scalability solution to operating over 100 billion physical, personal, metaversal, and augmented reality screens.

Why Register a Screen?

Screen registration is free (aside from transaction costs),  but the registration date is taken into account for network incentive computations. Meaning, an early screen registration token is worth more than a later one. Hence, we expect there to be a market for Bitfari screen NFTs.

Spam Avoidance and Activation

Transactions costs and block processing time keep blockchain spammers at bay. While, in theory, you can register millions of screens for a single area, miners will only activate up to one million screens per city.  Screen activation is an automatic and separate process that verifies registration, confirms ad projection, and certifies that no reported fraud is associated with the asset.

Where to Register My Screen?

Just run the Screen-Reg-MN contract.

On Test net:

On Main net:

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