Bitfari Listed in Coinmarketcap and 120 Additional Directories

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We are listing Bitfari in a considerable number of reputable directories to facilitate discovery and give you total access to Bitfari’s apps and tools. Directories will present Bitfari to a broad range of stakeholders who join in and enhance the network from various perspectives:

  • For crypto-investors: we have listed in CoinMarketCap and Coinlisting. Crypto investors bring liquidity into the network, they also create healthy markets across other coins, connecting us to more established blockchains.
  • For traditional investors: we have listed in F6s, Product Hunt and Angel list to bring interest and awareness from traditional investors.
  • For prospective employees and partners: we have listed in over a hundred directories, including Hacker News, PR Log, Crunchbase, etc.
  • For customers and other end users: we have created over a dozen social channels, including Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Telegram, etc.

The Bitfari Network is a DAO, made possible by the coalition of auditors, advertisers, screen operators, developers, and customers who come together to share and moderate the best information about products and services. Help us bring our message out by voting for our page in Product Hunt and joining our social channels.

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