Bitfari Prepares for Take-off


Bitfari prepares for take-off! All activities to grow ten-fold by next week. We have recruited 15 ambassadors to torpedo our social media channels. Many more people will know about Bitfari pretty soon. Additionally, a new team member will help us revise and adjust our marketing messages across channels and dozens of additional volunteers will join our forces.

We have debuted a new press section and will hit the news next week! Catamaran Sales will shift to a direct crowd sale at the same discounted price (details will follow). You will be able to get your tokens at 50 cents before the listing period which begins Nov 19th.

General advertiser onboarding starts next week. However we have recruited more than one thousand so far. As the social connector reaches mainnet, we are starting to code the Parra release while finishing the remaining two features of Neruda.

Our Discord Channel will get new sections today: Twitter, weekly announcement updates, bazaar for token sales, memes, docs, Github, suggestion box, and help!

We are testing ALEX and also working with seven other exchanges for listing! It will happen soon!

Finally a cautionary note about token purchases. Please do your own due diligence! Buy responsibly! We won’t sell more than $10,000 USD to any single account before the listing date. This is to give everyone a chance to get in early at an amazing price, reduce whales and avoid people who want to build secondary markets too soon (we know who you are!).

Get ready for daily token sales! Weekly airdrops and prizes, international screen deployments, mass media features, more fun, more joy, and more Faris!!

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