The “Empire Strikes Back Airdrop”



The Bitcoin Republic wants lost souls to exit Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, etc,  and discover a new galaxy in the Stacks Universe! Come back to Bitcoin and enjoy smart contracts, low fees, and tight integration with the premium crypto asset: Bitcoin!

Bitfari is launching a massive airdrop for crypto enthusiasts wishing to try out the Stacks ecosystem.

Users will have to provide their old address, create a new Stacks address, follow and retweet a message provided by the Bitfari Foundation. The airdrop will distribute tokens to as many as one million accounts!!

The tiers will be 100 Faris, 10 Faris, 1 Fari, and 0.10 Faris. A maximum of 500,000 Faris will be distributed. Registrations begin today, but airdrops begin with the Bitfari launch on 2.22.2022.

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