Bitfari Brings Life to Your Location!

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Bitcoin has notably demonstrated a blockchain-enabled store of value which offers the unbanked an alternative with cryptographically-secured transactions and high utility. Bitfari sits atop Bitcoin to create a civil network where users can publish, collaborate, self-organize, and pool resources all while acting anonymously.

Consider a system that ties all the screens in a city: screens from smartphones, desktop computers, electronic billboards, smart TVs, laptops, tablets, etc. This system is a new kind of social network that connects needs with solutions. An information brokerage system that dynamically feeds a potential solution to interested parties. Such a system could solve one of our most pressing problems: the world in which we live constantly requires our adaptation. How lovely would it be to have the world adapt to us? Surely it would feel like a heavenly breeze.

Bitfari is a system that deploys the concept of an adaptive matrix of blockchain-connected screens to display contextual real-world ads and information systems at the command of the citizens. With Bitfari installed on your iPhone you could press a button and translate the entire city to your native language, for example. You could also block political ads, see relevant products without entering any store, and, perhaps most importantly, place your own ads and calls for action allowing you to start a movement or recruit locals that can help you.

Most readers will naturally think about “Minority Report” ads, but Bitfari is exactly the opposite: ads placed by regular citizens, that don’t scan your face, don’t know your identity, and don’t sell you stuff you don’t want. Bitfari connects you to other citizens by showing only the ads that you want to see, coming from people who share your interests. Blockchain technology makes this possible today and not ten years from now.

Bitfari was originally called Tellfari. The first prototype was shown at the University of Virginia in 2012. Subsequent research about adaptable cities was published that year in the paper “Best Buy: Investing in Language Learning”. That paper explored the economic benefits of providing personalized service in Spanish for Latino immigrants. Bitfari was later prototyped using blockchain technology and will be launched as an open-source layer to enhance online and offline communications now that scaling solutions make it feasible.


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