Why Bitfari is Built on Stacks

Bitfari is built on Stacks – a platform to create smart contracts integrated with Bitcoin. Stacks has many properties that make it ideal for creating the advertising platform of the future:

    • All smart contracts on Stacks are finalized on the Bitcoin blockchain
    • Stacks reacts to changes of balances in the BTC blockchain, making automatic marketing possible
    • Citycoins like Miamicoin and NYCcoin are built on Stacks, making integration with local government entities even easier
    • Stacks provides low fees, fast settlement speeds and is more secure than competing ecosystems
    • Clarity, the Stacks programming language is more secure by design than any Ethereum alternative
    • We were able to develop in months what takes other teams years by using Stacks

    • Stacks recycles energy spent doing proof of work, consolidates thousands of transactions on a single block, and makes Bitcoin more energy-efficient thru proof of transfer
    • Bitfari is able to run as a decentralized application by leveraging Stacks
    • Stacks is the only cryptocurrency that went thru the SEC approval process before listing. This has created a preference for open and compliant projects in the community, yielding a more stable ecosystem.

Initially name Blockstacks, Stacks is the first public blockchain created with a vision for a decentralized Internet.

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