Fari Stacking

The Fari token can be used for physical and digital world purchases, network registration, and ad placements. You can also use it as a loyalty token and save at participating merchants!

Today, we debut an additional utility for the FARI token: Stacking. Using the Bitfari Native Wallet (UX completed, release expected on Jan 2022) you can stack Faris and receive Bitcoin, Stacks, and more Faris as you engage with the network.

Stacking your coins secures the network when you walk past billboards and smart screens. It tells the network that a stakeholder of the system has matched with installed screens and reported no fraud (if such is the case). Stacking Faris is simple and easy, with minimal lock-in periods of 15 days.

Trinity Stacking as we call it, allows you to get a slice of Bitfari’s ad revenue that comes in BTC, STX, and Faris. Detailed reports will be produced by the DAO listing revenues vs payouts in percentage terms. However, we expect these numbers to exceed the average advertising industry returns given Bitari’s technology and operating structure. So there you have it, one more reason to use Bitfari and get the FARI Token!

Notes: Stacking cycles are 30 days, stacking/mining has no preset limits

Here you can see sample screens of the upcoming Bitfari Native Wallet!

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