Buy Fari Tokens

You can purchase Fari tokens to place ads, register screens to the system, open your own digital billboard agency, and gain discounts in thousands of locations!


  1. DEX Purchases

Available Now!! Get Faris at the first Stacks Ecosystem DEX – Stackswap. You’ll need a Chrome-based or Firefox browser plus the Hiro Wallet Browser Extension.


Faris will be available in A.L.E.X upon main net release (expected on Jan 10th 2022). ALEX is the first one-stop DeFi services platform on Bitcoin via Stacks. The sea change of DeFi begins as simply as lending and borrowing Bitcoin. The smart contracts that govern those loans can be used to create bonds. Using these decentralized bonds we can recreate derivative products, leverage, and all the other functions of higher finance, replacing it with the algorithms of an Automated Liquidity EXchange or ALEX.





2. Atomic Swaps

Want to exchange tokens with a private party in a trustless way? Acquire tokens via a catamaran or atomic swap.

3. Centralized Exchanges

We have been approved in a couple of centralized exchanges. IEOs will be announced soon. We are seeking listings in Bitmart, KuCoin, OKEx, and OkCoin.

4. Visa/Mastercard

Purchase tokens using Indacoin (available in late Jan 2022)

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