Bitfari Becomes Fourth Marketing Crypto Before Launch


Before launch, Bitfari has shipped more code than many crypto marketing ecosystems. The community has validated our concept and has placed a great deal of trust in the development team’s competence and ability to deliver in a timely fashion. Because of this, Bitfari has integrated more digital screens than any other network in America, shipped thousands of lines of code, and delivered documentation, marketing materials, websites, and ecosystem applications.

Even before launch (expected on 2/22), Bitfari has reached the top of the charts on multiple rankings. At a current price of 35 cents on the DEX market and 70 cents via swaps, Bitfari is the #4 marketing crypto asset by market cap (CoinMarketCap). Bitfari also tops the rankings of crypto commodities, and event coins. While StackSwap is still not reporting prices, the community has seen the price of FARI remain stable for months and even reach heights of 90 cents per coin (before launch). We couldn’t have anticipated such demand for the coin and the strong involvement of the community in this project.

We expect Bitfari to climb to the top of these charts come our Beta Launch and CEX listing in May. Bitfari is also included in the store of value rankings, and top discount token list. Thanks for your support!

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