Bitfari Stacking Update – 40,000X

  1. Bitfari Stacking (Staking) will not be available for Bitfari Foundation tokens. That means stacking reward will only be available for end user and not for foundation members, or the development team. These will increase stacking rewards 100X because 99% of the minted tokens will not be stacked.

2. Bitfari Stacking rewards will be calculated using the Fari Nominal price, not the market price. The current nominal price is about 200 dollars for the US network, not 50 cents, which is the current market price for most StackSwap. transactions. This represents an increase of 400X. Read more about nominal price calculations.

Bitfari Stacking and Mining will begin in January 2022. Stacking pays rewards in BTC, STX, and Faris!

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