Project Iceberg to Debut on June, 2023


After the Cervantes release, what follows? A set of end-user applications that will maximize network usage and extract value from one of the largest billboard networks in America. Before today, dates, venues, and scopes were unknown to all but a handful of institutions involved with the Bitfari project. Today we reveal those details.

Bitfari 2 will focus on the migration of Bitfari to its own App chain, plus the release of ten major end-user applications including:

  • Leslor
  • Strawball
  • Miss Internet 2
  • Bitfari 2 (App Chain), Bitfari TV
  • TSN – Transparent Screen Network
  • Private Agency Networks
  • NeoCam 2
  • Events 2

As a reminder, here is the App roster for 2021 and 2022

This will conclude the release of all the main Bitfari apps and introduce two major apps to the ecosystem: Leslor and Strawball (no detail will be given about these applications until June 16, 2023).

The event will be held at the Hulu Theater of MSG (occupancy is about 2000 people), pending final negotiations. A full list of speakers, celebrities to participate in the event, plus scheduled demos and partner keynotes will be announced on June 16, 2022.

So for all the people asking what the will the Bitfari Foundation be working on after the Cervantes release is completed, the answer is Project Iceberg. While the event will be paid for, some segments will be accessible for free via YouTube.

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