Bitfari Signs 1000th Client


Bitfari has enlisted over clients and partners as pioneering advertisers in its novel blockchain-powered ad platform. The announcement comes in the midst of the test net release of Neruda- the blockchain’s ad network for communities.

The initial client roster includes big names such as Remax, Miss Universe, and The Dominican Government as well as medium-sized companies such as PressMC, WDALAW, US Latin Investments, etc. All the partners and developers associated with the project will also place ads. These ads will be paid in Faris, BTC, and STX and they will be placed in the community network section of ads.

Aside from the initial roster of over one thousand corporate accounts, Bitfari will open ad registrations to millions of blockchain users around the globe who can start placing ads for less than one penny per impression in some instances.

If you want to place ads please email [email protected] and we’ll provide the details of how we can onboard the ads to the network. We recognize that a lot of new customers need help with crypto and can refer you to a support forum where someone can help you book ads for less!





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